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To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in hopes of receiving some, if not full, financial forgiveness for my recent medical bills. 


I have endured a process that I assume many have also endured, going from specialist to specialist in hopes of finding answers for the troublesome symptoms I have been experiencing.  Due to my own relentless seeking nature, I have found that the cause of these symptoms is directly related to the overwhelming stress I have been facing, as well as the difficult emotions I have been repressing throughout my life.  I was unaware that these symptoms can be onset by these factors via the autonomic nervous system, which is why no structural or pathological cause was ever found, although the symptoms I have been experiencing are very real.  I do not doubt that each doctor I saw was doing their best to help me, and understand that ultimately I am responsible for the level of health I experience, but that doesn't change the fact that my symptoms persisted and I was never asked about the events occurring in my life, or told that these factors  directly affect your physiology and  health.  Had I known this, I may have been able to avoid countless appointments and invasive procedures, as well as an overwhelming amount of fear and suffering caused by believing that my health was seriously failing. 


The medical bills that are pouring into my mailbox are only exacerbating my anxiety and stress and I ask with utmost respect that this be recognized.  I am doing my best to better the world through working with our children in our school system, making very little money to do so.  I can only hope that you understand the position I’m in financially and that I’m unable to afford the medical bills that were not covered by my insurance.  I hope that you are able to grant me some, if not full, forgiveness on the remaining balance so that I can move forward with a little less stress. 


Thank you for your consideration.

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