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Now Offering A Limited Time FREE 30 Minute Guidance Session to Answer Brief Questions and Determine If We May Be A Good Fit To Work Together!

Guidance sessions are provided for those who feel it would be beneficial to speak with someone who is deeply engaged in the process of healing and awakening, and therefore has a deep understanding and insight into the nature of them, as well as first hand experience of what is necessary to succeed in these undertakings.

My specialties are helping people to heal from both chronic pain and addiction, due to the fact that these have been my two biggest obstacles and challenges in this lifetime.  I am also well-acquainted with spiritual awakening and the many new challenges this presents in ones' life.

Options of 1 and 2 hour sessions are available.  I have found that 1 hour often flies by and can feel rushed at times, for this reason 2 hour sessions are recommended for initial guidance.


What will I gain from a guidance session?

-An increased understanding of the spiritual awakening process and it's implications

-If chronic pain is the reason you have found your way here, we will deeply explore TMS (The Mindbody Syndrome) and the topic of Mindbody symptoms

-A thorough exploration of the potential underlying causes of the pain

-An increased understanding of the meaning and purpose of the pain

-Decrease and alleviate fear of the body 

-Assistance in building confidence in the reality of the Mindbody Spirit connection

-Conviction in your ability to heal

-Guidance in and towards a path of healing that is ultimately chosen by your Soul or Higher Self

-An exploration of the common obstacles and challenges that arise on the path

-The comfort, support, and experience of someone who has been engaged in this process for approximately 10 years

-If addiction to drugs and alcohol is playing a role in your life and you would like to see a way out of this, I have direct experience having been addicted to drugs and alcohol for nearly 15 years.  Due to spiritual work, growth, and progress I have now been sober for four years and can provide confidence and clarity on these issues as well 

1 Hour Session ($122):  
-Follow Ups
-Questions to help with confidence and clarity

-Coaching, support, and guidance

2 Hour Session ($222):
What will likely be addressed in a guidance session? 
-History, symptoms, level and duration of pain 
-Explore what you are doing right, and also what you may be able to improve upon
-Clarify ones' understanding and perception of TMS (The Mindbody Syndrome)
-Discuss the work of Dr. Sarno, Steve Ozanich, David Hawkins, M.D, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gabor Mate, and others experts in related fields
-Beliefs, accurate thinking, psychology, family history, dreams, past or present habits/addictions
-Explore determining factors regarding onset of pain
-Life circumstances
-Identify traumas


It is worth noting that all or none of these items will necessarily be discussed as it is my intention to approach work with clients without a personal agenda.  My stance in regards to working with individuals can be summed up in these words by the great mystic and psychiatrist Carl Jung, "When a doctor tells me that he adheres strictly to this or that method, I have my doubts about his therapeutic effect.  So much is said in the literature about the resistance of the patient that it would almost seem as if the doctor were trying to put something over on him, whereas the cure ought to grow naturally out of the patient himself.  To my mind, in dealing with individuals, only individual understanding will do."

Guidance sessions are intended to provide support and clarification to those undergoing the process of awakening and healing, from  someone who has undergone healing and awakening and continues to wholeheartedly engage with this path.  Subsequently, I have also gained a deep understanding of the process.

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