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(TMS) The Mindbody Syndrome

Guidance sessions are provided for those who feel it would be beneficial to speak with someone who has healed with the knowledge of TMS, and therefore has a deep understanding and insight into it's nature, as well as first hand experience with what is necessary of the individual to heal.

Options of a 1 and 2 hour sessions are available.  I have found that 1 hour often flies by and can feel rushed at times, for this reason 2 hour sessions are recommended for initial guidance.

1 Hour Session ($111):  
-Follow Ups
-Brief questions to help with confidence and clarity

-Coaching, support, and guidance

2 Hour Session ($333):
-A deep dive into anything and everything related to TMS
What will likely be addressed in a guidance session? 
-History, symptoms, any medical clearance, level and duration of pain 
-Explore what you are doing right, and also what you may be doing wrong
-Clarify ones' understanding and perception of TMS
-Discuss the work of Dr. Sarno and Steve Ozanich
-Beliefs, accurate thinking, psychology, family history, dreams, past or present habits/addictions
-Explore determining factors regarding  onset of pain
-Life circumstances
-Identify traumas


It is worth noting that all or none of these items will necessarily be discussed as it is my intention to approach my work with clients without a personal agenda.  My stance in regards to working with individuals can be summed up in these words by the great mystic and psychiatrist Carl Jung, "When a doctor tells me that he adheres strictly to this or that method, I have my doubts about his therapeutic effect.  So much is said in the literature about the resistance of the patient that it would almost seem as if the doctor were trying to put something over on him, whereas the cure ought to grow naturally out of the patient himself.  To my mind, in dealing with individuals, only individual understanding will do."

Guidance sessions are intended to provide support and clarification to those undergoing the process of TMS healing, from  someone who has undergone healing and has gained a deep understanding of the process.

To schedule an appointment contact me at
*In person guidance sessions would be great, but it is more likely that meetings will be conducted via phone or zoom (client's preference)

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