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Through the discovery of TMS (The Mindbody Syndrome) and mindbody spirit healing, I have been able to effectively heal from years of chronic pain, addiction, and mental illness.  These were conditions I suffered with for years prior to finally reaching my absolute rock bottom, which allowed me to be open-minded enough to entertain a profoundly different take on how to go about healing from these common conditions.  This approach to healing is a complete paradigm shift, as we no longer simply treat symptoms, but go directly to the source, the roots of the pain.  I have come to understand that physical pain is an important aspect of the spiritual journey and not merely an unwelcome nuisance or interruption, that is somehow separate from our lives.  The pain has surfaced to teach us an important, as well as  difficult lesson that we may not have otherwise learned.  What this lesson is will be revealed as a person progresses on the path.

How To Say F U Politely: Satya Mindbody Spirit Health & Healing has been created with the purpose of serving ready individuals in gaining the knowledge, understanding, & awareness necessary to initiate healing & thereby heal themselves from chronic pain, mental illness, addiction, and any other disease they may be suffering with.

The initiative to create an online resource for people to learn about mindbody spirit healing, the condition termed The Mindbody Syndrome (TMS) by pain experts Dr. John E. Sarno and Steve Ozanich, and other related fields of inquiry has been derived directly from my personal experience.  When simple knowledge combined with the  application & integration of that knowledge into ones' life, has allowed one to overcome & transcend years of stubborn chronic pain, substance addiction, and mental illness, it is only natural to feel empowered to help others to do the same.  

Caveat:  Embarking on a healing journey such as this is not for the faint of heart, one will have to have the strength & courage to face their own shadow, the unconscious, dark aspects of their personality, and to face their life and emotions directly.  Pain and discomfort will be felt, rather than medicated, treated, pushed away, or run from.  This will be undergone to the best of one's' ability throughout the process of healing with love, acceptance, and surrender.  The willingness & determination to do this typically only comes when every form of conventional treatment, escape, distraction, and denial has failed, one has come to a "dead end" or a "brick wall",  has "hit rock bottom", and is ready to open their mind and do what is necessary to truly heal.

"You have to choose one or the other, either treat it, or heal it" -Steve Ozanich

"We are caught in acts that are not harmonious with our deepest wisdom, that's where the pain comes from, you are living your lives in a way that is not harmonious with your deepest wisdom." -Ram Dass

"If you cannot change, you cannot heal."

- Steve Ozanich

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