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Tyson Ray, a mindbody spirit health consultant, is passionate about empowering people to heal themselves from a variety of afflictions including chronic pain, addiction, and mental illness.
Through the discovery of mindbody spirit healing and the condition widely known as The Mindbody Syndrome (TMS), Tyson has healed from chronic pain of varying severity, which he experienced in many different manifestations over the years from head to toe!  He also overcame and transcended years of substance addiction as a result of healing and overall spiritual growth and progress. 
His educational background is a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Idaho and a master's degree in School Counseling from the University of the Southwest (he withdrew from school after completing all the courses, just before he was set to do an internship, for reasons that will likely be discussed at a later date.  He didn't get the piece of paper darnit!).
More importantly Tyson has read & studied extensively fields including psychology, philosophy, spirituality, the mindbody connection, epigenetics, and quantum physics.  He often remarks that "the best education he ever got was free" and that life experience has taught him more than anything else. 
Tyson has spent the last decade working as a wellness coach, personal trainer, and psychosocial rehabilitation specialist (Social Worker).  He has performed this work in settings such as the local YMCA, mental health agencies, and the public school system.
In addition to being a mindbody spirit health consultant, Tyson is a self-proclaimed yogi and has a dedicated meditation practice.  He is a musician, and enjoys walking, running, outdoor sports, and breathing.

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