The purpose of How to Say F U Politely: Satya Mindbody Spirit Health & Healing is to serve ready individuals in gaining the knowledge, understanding, & awareness necessary to initiate healing, and thereby heal themselves from chronic pain, addiction, mental illness, and any other disease they may be suffering with

To learn more about The Mindbody Syndrome (TMS), and my personal experience with it, as well as other topics that I feel are intimately connected, feel free to check out my blog below.  For those looking to jumpstart, reinforce, or reinvigorate their healing process, please see the consultation page on the main menu:

*I have recently begun the process of making audio recordings of each blog, the first four of which have just recently been uploaded.  This is for those who would prefer to have these words delivered directly into their ear canals and to their brains; old-school, spoken-word, story-telling style.  This can often be a very effective way of making contact with your subconscious mind and also may align better with those who are primarily auditory learners.  You can find the audio blog on the main menu.

**If you are heavily burdened with medical bills, you are not alone!  For those who have just recently found TMS, it is not unlikely that you have also already found your way into a heaping pile of medical bills.  In the early days of my healing from TMS, the last thing I needed was to discover an endless stream of bills flowing into the mailbox, but guess what, that is just what I had.  At that time I became inspired to write a generic medical bill forgiveness letter to send out to all the various doctors, surgeons, and specialists I had become indebted to along the way.  Of course there are no guarantees, but I personally had many bills completely forgiven, and the rest at very least cut in half, simply by sending out a heartfelt letter.  I have decided to provide a sample of this letter for anyone who could benefit from this.  You can use the letter as an example and personalize it as needed.  You can find it on the main menu:)

***Head to the YouTube channel to check out a new segment I have started called "TMS Talks", where I share clips from many different people (some quite influential) discussing TMS, on podcasts, shows, movies, etc..  Sometimes they realize what they are talking about, other times, not so much, but it always proves to be revelatory and comforting for those walking this path and needing that extra boost of comfort, confidence, and support.  The talks to kick things off include such names as Aaron Rodgers (NFL, MVP quarterback, Steve-0 (from Jackass), and David Choe (world renowned artist and painter).  I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I am!

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